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Backyard Design

Did you ever consider giving your house’s exterior or your landscape a more unique look, implementing some superb design ideas you’ve seen before in the magazines?
This is both possible and affordable. That’s quite contrary to the common misconception, that garden design is not your everyday service for an average American family and is a luxury. This isn’t accurate, as the median cost of a design adds up to just 2% of the overall build cost. So hiring one of our friendly, expert designers means the correct choices and decisions are made from the start, saving you money in the long-term perspective!


At United Florida we use top quality pavers for your driveway to ensure a product that is not only perfect for your project vision, but durable for use. We provide multiple color choices ranging from the classic to multicolored pavers to give you options that suit your style of design. Borders can be added using a second color choice to add dimension and contrast.

Fire Pits

Fire pits are a great way to enjoy your yard. At United Florida we want to be apart of helping you achieve your vision, whether it be more rustic or modern. We can provide gas or wood fire pits to fit your personal preference. We use stone blocks with multiple color options so that the outcome is consistent with your hardscape design to create a completed look.


At United Florida we provide landscape design services. We can install and remove flowers, bushes, plants, sod and trees. We can also install rock, stones and mulch to accent and complement your landscape design. We are also knowledgeable of indigenous plants, flowers and trees for Florida if you are looking for durable, all-year-blooming plant life.

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Landscape Design


At United Florida we create pergolas perfect for resisting harsh Florida conditions. We do this by using strong, sturdy woods like cedar, cypress, or mahogany. We design the pergolas to your specific vision for your yard or business. We can provide pergolas that are free standing or connected to a building. Architecture options include classic or modern designs with the shaping varying from square, curved or triangular. Pergolas are a great way to add personal style to your hardscape and landscape design. Two unique pergola styles that we have created have included pergolas with Grecian columns and multi-purpose pergolas with hanging swings. We will work with you to incorporate your ideas to create stunning completed projects.

Pool Decks

At United Florida, we can design and revamp your pool decks. We can install on existing decks. We can install coping around the pool edge. We use tile pavers with multiple color options, to match or contrast your overall pool and house design. Choose a second color to add dimension to your project. The products we use are durable for use and perfect for sun exposure around the pool.

Orlando Landscape Installation

Orlando Landscaping


At United Florida, we realize that walls can be a great addition to any yard. They can be esthetic as well as multi purposeful. Walls can be used for design elevation, soil holding and drainage solutions, fencing and borders, sitting areas, and stand-alone walls. Walls can vary in sizes and add dimension to any hardscape project. If your retaining wall is for soil elevation reinforcement, we work with engineers to ensure structural stability and resilience.

Work in Progress

Our wide range of services include backyard design, driveways, fire pits, landscaping, pergolas, pool decks and walls. Preview some examples of our projects in the state of becoming beautiful…

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